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Themes -week four Novel study June 8, 2010

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This week we are supposed to write about themes in our books. We are also supposed to answer a couple of questions about the themes like; what are a few themes in novel? And also How do you know that these things are themes?

A couple of themes in my book are… sadness and worry. Ther are many other themes like anger, and regret, but I’m going to write about sadness and worry from my book.

Sadness because Cammie and her friends are going to graduate this year and because they know that one best friend of theirs  wont be working with them in the field. They  possibly wont ever get to see her again and they know that this  is their last year together. Sadness because at the end of the book Cammie’s Aunt Abby leaves and all o f the girls look up to her and love her.

Worry because Cammie is trying to figure out who attacked them on the roof of the building in Boston. When she figures out that the people on the roof  is the Gallagher academy’s only true enemy The circle of Cavan. Worry also because the girls find out that Jillian Gallagher is Macey’s great great-grandmother.  So they think that is why the circle of Cavan attacked them on the roof. But later i n the book  Cammie get attacked and then that brings out a whole new kind of worry because why would they be after Cammie she’s not a descendent of Jillian Gallagher.

I think that the last couple of chapters were pretty intense and a lot of stuff happens in them. The last couple of chapters were a pretty fast read I mean I read them in just a couple(like 2 0r 3) silent reading classes. 

I guess to find out I’m going to have to read the next book called “only the good spy young”. To find out what happens next.



Authors Craft… week three novel study June 2, 2010

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For our novels  this week we have to write about the authors craft and the writing style the author used.

In my book I didn’t find that the authors writing was very good. I felt that she could have used bigger words or at least more descriptive words. I feel like im read a book meant for little kids.  I have read books with better authors craft and I like it when I have to read over a word a few times to find out what they mean. To me for a piece of writing to be good it has to be harder to understand it has to make me want to read it again three more times. It also has to have a good vocabulary.  To me I might have a completely different opinion for something than another person. I could say that something sucks really bad and some one else could absolutely love it.

If I were to write a book or a short story I would use the best vocabulary I could and I would try to make my style of writing really good. I would look at a bunch of different kinds and categories of books and learn and use  some good vocabulary from those books.  


May 17, 2010

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This week our blog  posts are suposed to be writen about conflicts in our book. We area lso suposed to write about what kind of conflicts there are and if we dislike any of the characters.

The first  conflict in my book right now and its about Cammie and her aunt whom she hasnt seen in a while and she is the only one who everyone is talking about, and saying that she is so cool. Cammie doesnt like how her aunt abby doesnt have time to talk with Cammie alone because she always has some people around her and shes always protecting Macey, or shes just busy. This conflict would be an external conflict.

The other conflict in my book is with Macey and  Cammie dealing with what happened on the roof top when they got attacked. Macey is covered with black and blue bruises from head to toe. But she doesnt want anyone to see them, so she wont change in her room she goes to washroom to change.  Looking at this conflict makes me think that it is a internal conflict.

From the beginning there really isnt much more detail to the characters than there was before. Macey is a bit more shy than she was last time.


Gallagher Girl-Novel Study Part May 9, 2010

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Recently this week we have started to read a novel of our own choice. I have chosen a novel written by  Ally Carter. The novel I have chosen is ‘Don’t judge  a girl by her cover, it a book written about a spy academy. It is the 3rd book in the series. For each of our novels we had to divide it into four parts so that we can read one part per week. Even though I just loathe to have limits put on my reading when I have a good book.

In my book it starts out that the main character Cammie Morgan, is invited to join her friend Macey at her dad’s national political convention. Her dad is becoming the vice president and Macey has to be on television with him accepting the award. Macey is not the kind of girl who wants to be on television with her parents,the McHenry’s. During the practice run Macey and Cammie are trapped on the rooftop with the son of the president, Preston had found them and was walking with them to their rehearsal and they ended up on the rooftop. That was what the schedule had said for Macey to go, but as they were looking around on the roof top and the door closed. A black helicopter came, and two people in full black jumped out and  started attacking the two girls. Cammie got Preston off of the roof safely by sending him down on a window washing cart. Cammie and Macey were fighting the two people when Cammie knocked on of the people unconscious, kicked in an air vent grabbed Macey and slid down the chute and knocked themselves unconscious on the way down.

When they woke up the were at their covert operations teachers house on the lake with full security. Macey had a broken arm and Cammie had a black eye and a bandage around her head. Macey’s parents came to get her in a helicopter and took her away before Cammie had a chance to really talk to her.

On the day back to the Gallagher academy for exceptional young women after summer break there was so many versions of rumors about what had happened on the rooftop that day. That Cammie was shocked when she walked in and the academy was silent. Every one had turned to look at her and stare,  she just went up to her room. When her friends came they talked and  after a while they heard  the siren going off  “Code Red, Code Red”. They ran down to the doors and they saw Macey coming up in a big black stretch limo and  secret service agents, new crews and they were everywhere.

I think that the book so far is very well written lots of description, well categorized, and very intriguing. But as I was reading I found myself wondering who were the two people who jumped out of the helicopter? Who was it that messed with Macey’s schedule?

For more info on the books  click here.


Careers…So What? April 27, 2010

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Lately in class we are doing stuff about careers and 2025.  About what careers that we might be interested in,  and what we are going to do with our lives. Also how old we are going to be in 2025.

We did an online survey to find out what job would be more suited for us. We did it in class and there were 116 questions that you had to answer. After you answer the questions you get 40 jobs that the survey gives based on the answers that you gave. There was all sorts of jobs on the survey. They had from house keeping all of the way up to biologist, and professional athlete.

I found out that there was a job for stocking and collecting the money from vending machines!  My top three jobs  that i got was 1) Professional Athlete, 2) Veterinarian, 3) Model. I actually had never considered being a pro athlete, or a model for that matter.

I have always wanted to be a Veterinarian, ever since I was little. I plan to go to university. Then continue on to vet college for a couple more years after university. When I’m all done with my courses i want to work as a private practicing veterinarian. To find out more about being a vet  click here.


Math Graphs April 11, 2010

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Were doing graphs in math right now and we made the graphs on google documents.  We did three graphs on our google docs. We got our graphing/Project information from our teachers blog, Idea hive. Making the graphs was actually really easy. You copy and paste the information into a spreadsheet and highlight the information. Then you go to Insert and click on Chart. Then you pick what kind of graph you would like to make the information into.  You type in the titles for your graph and click done.

The five thing I know about this graph are;

In 2008 all of the industries had the highest employment rates for the years 2005-2009. Utilities had the lowest employment rate for all of the 4 years.  The employment rate for Manufacturing has dropped from 2005 to 2009. For trades the employment rates didn’t change much over the period of four years. There is a HUGE  difference between all of the industries and Utilities, there is a difference of about 16000 . There are about three trends that I found on the  graph. One of them was that Utilities never really increased or decreased. Second of all, There was only one employment industry that was above 5000 for employment rates. Finally most of the industries employment rates went up over the span of the four years.


Google Bike Maps March 24, 2010

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At the 10th annual American bike summit google announced that they’re maps features will now include bike routes for 150 U.S states. The feature includes 15,000 miles of off-street bike trails gathered by the Rails to trails conservatory  a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit that has collected trail information  for its website. Google made the decision after being given a petition with over 50 000 signatures for bike routes to be added to the google maps features.

ONline tools for mapping bike routes have existed for years. For example It also tell you bike shops on you route path.Promoting bicycle travel for utilitarian purposes, in addition to recreation and exercise, has become a federal objective since Congress opened new sources of funding for bicycle facilities with the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, or ISTEA, in 1991.This continued over the next decade and now federal planning requirements must consider bicyclists in state and Metropolitan Planning Organization, or MPO, long-range transportation plans.

The League of American Bicyclists sponsored the American Bike Summit, hopes the Google feature will encourage wary would-be cyclists to get on the road, give more seasoned bikers the respect they deserve, and curb unnecessary motorist pollution by highlighting safe routes:

-Dark green indicates a dedicated bike-only trail

-Light green indicates a dedicated bike lane along a road

-Dashed green indicates roads that are designated as preferred for bicycling but without dedicated lanes

The tool is far from perfect, however. It does not yet work for mobile devices, so bikers will have to map their routes from home or the office before setting out. And Google’s algorithm that combines input from bike lanes, topography, and traffic signals is still just an algorithm.If you spot a problem in the bike map you can you can suggest a route change or make a correction using Google’s “report a problem” Feature.


Too bad they don’t have this in Canada yet!